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Welcome to Whitelock Suzuki’s Finance Page


We can arrange finance for you, subject to lending conditions, on all motor bikes.

Whether you have a trade or not, we can arrange competitive finance with either UDC Finance or Motor Trade Finance

Please note that due to recent legislation changes for finance companies, the terms and conditions of finance from our two providers have been amended. You can see the new conditions on their websites, linked below.



Depending on your circumstances we may be able to offer you flexible repayments to suit your seasonal cashflow, balloon payments, and terms from 12months to 60 months.

Please contact us using the email link below and we will discuss all options with you .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why finance with the bike dealer?

    When you buy from us we can offer you two sources of finance, and we can advise which would be most suitable for you. We will lead you through the process and make the loan happen as quickly as we can.

  • Why shouldn’t I just increase my mortgage to cover the bike cost?

    Sometimes people increase their mortgage to buy cars, boats, holidays etc. The theory behind this is that home loan rates are lower than other finance rates. The down side is that home loans are for a much longer period, and you will end up paying much more interest over that longer period.

  • What information do I need to supply?

    The amount of information you need to supply depends on your personal situation – e.g.:Individual wage earner
    2 pay slips or bank statement showing last two pays
    Copy of Drivers Licence
    Utility bill showing addressSole Trader
    Copy of latest financial statements
    Copy of Drivers Licence
    Utility bill showing addressPartnership
    Copy of Latest Financial Statements
    Copy of both partners driver’s licenses
    Utility bill showing addressCompany
    Copy of latest financial statement
    Copy of all directors driver’s licenses
    All directors to sign loan documentsTrust
    Please talk to us regarding documentation required.All applicants need to fill out a one page loan application.

  • How much can I borrow?

    Loans can be for 100% of the value of the bike, or less if a trade in is part of the deal.

  • How soon will I know if my loan has been approved?

    Depending on the time of day when the loan is submitted, normally approval is back that day or early the next day.

  • What happens when my loan is approved?

    The loan provider will forward the formal documents to us and we will take you through the documentation and ask you to sign if you are happy. Please ask questions if you have concerns or do not understand.

  • What hidden costs are there?

    The interest rate and any fees are set out in the documentation. There are no hidden costs.

  • What consumer protection laws cover my loan?

    Credit Contract and Consumer Finance Act 2003
    Credit(Repossession) Act 1997
    Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003
    Consumers Guarantee Act 1993
    Fair Trading Act 1996
    Privacy Act 1993
    Personal Property Securities Act 1999
    Financial Service Providers (Registration & Dispute Resolution) Act 2008
    Financial Advisors Act 2008
  • When do I get my bike?

    As soon as the loan documents are signed and all support papers provided, and any special requests from the finance company are satisfied, your new bike will be delivered to you.